Sunrise of your thought

I’m in one of those moments where I don’t know how to start. Although I’m not used to writing, I’m used to thinking and thinking a lot. It’s better to take one step at a time when time is fast, even if it’s bad, than to do nothing. This is the moment that made that transition between yesterday and tomorrow. I may seem ridiculous, but I’m just writing what’s on my mind right now, and my mind may be a bit ridiculous too :). I mean, dear me, you, or whoever is reading this, the moment you realize that you’re reading this, the moment you’re reading this, you can start something new. Just like I started writing right now. How to start a Dear Diary post if it came in the form of a meaningful whole to arrange for this article classic too classic for me. It’s good to be confused, it’s the beginning of the path to order, and at its beginnings, of course, I was confused, and I should have been transparent to you.


Hello from the other side

It’s May 25, quarantine days. I am on one of those days where I get caught up in the series from the pressure of finals and staying at home and I was impressed that a character from these series who had a love of writing, and so I thought the best way to describe myself was to write, so I thought I had to start somewhere, and I decided to open this blog. I mean, I’m thinking of writing a diary here every night at 12. I do not know how to develop what I write like you I hope it will be the beginning of a very good story today. If you want to be involved in this story from the beginning and be aware of it, I want you to follow my blog. I promise I won’t ask you to follow me again.:)

thank u 4 reading